We love what we do – and do what we love

It’s all about the passion for us: May it be passion for creating exceptionally intelligent solutions for our customers, owning great technical skills, providing caring customer service or being good co-workers and human beings.

What we don’t have is unnecessary hierarchies and rules that limit us and our creative thinking. We don’t need them. What we do need is for you to know what you’re doing and work very hard on it. If you feel you’d fit in, you’ll have an opportunity to be the best you can be, to be you, and to be part of a story that will be a success. We won’t have it any other way.

Should we eventually find ourselves in a situation where we’re working together for a mutual goal, we will give you everything we’ve got.
We will support your professional growth, and try and make your work/life balance as smooth as possible.

Available positions

Come join forces with us. Please check out available positions below. All positions will be filled as soon as suitable applicants are found.


Account Executive – UK

Job description: The Account Executive will be responsible for selling…

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Audience Manager – FI

Job description: As an Audience Manager, you work closely with…

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Business Development Representative – UK – FI

At Beemray, we are training the next generation of sales…

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Senior Developer – FI

Beemray is looking for a developer, rather senior than junior.…

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Solutions Engineer – UK

Job description: Solutions Engineers are Beemray’s strategic “game changers”.  They…

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