Realtime Location Audience Targeting and Measurement.

Location Science
as a Service


Holistically collect all of your location data from all of your digital products. Tackle your business’ most challenging questions by building audiences with our location segmentation engine. Discover insights on your customer behaviour, make better business decisions, and build new automated customer & revenue products. Connect with your marketing & advertising partners to make your audiences instantly actionable.

All in realtime.



Intelligent tools to combine your location and contextual data from all of your digital touchpoints (including Mobile Apps, Websites, Connected Devices, Data Warehouses). Ensure scale and insight on every user as we categorise and verify every location signal.



Lightweight, intelligent and ultra-fast.

  • One Line of Code

    Installation in no time!

  • Lightweight

    Less than 10kb. Super fast.

  • Intelligent

    Device behaviour and location calculation.


Mobile Application SDK

Complete, efficient and super-smart.

  • Built-in Intelligence

    Only sends valuable data to the backend.

  • Battery Efficient

     Multiple optimisation methods to save battery.

  • No Blue Bar on iOS 11

    We adhere to Apple’s focus on privacy and UX.

  • Beacon Management

    Micro-location for in-store targeting.


External Data Sources

Stream your data directly to Beemray  

  • 3rd Party Data Source

    External data to enrich 1st party data.

  • Raw Data API

    Transform raw events into valuable audiences.



Segments are grouped behaviours based on location and context. Combining segments gives you complete Audiences.


Custom Segments

Beautiful tools to combine Location, Time, & Context.

  • Geofences

    Search for any place in the world, place unlimited geofences to maximum accuracy.

  • Moments

    Add time and date based moments you want to track.

  • Events

    Link to an event taking place in your app or website.


Beemray Segments

Toggle on or off audience segments we have defined.

  • Home, Work, Commuting, etc.

    Beemray automatically finds your users that exhibit persistent behavioural patterns.

  • Place Groups

    Select from a range of place groups defined in Beemray.



From real­time geolocation and instrumentation based analytics to live heatmaps for customer movement attribution. Beemray Honeypot UI provides a complete picture of customer behaviour, and how they interact with your digital touchpoints.



Realtime insights fuel smarter business decisions and engagement.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Know exactly where your users interact with your apps and websites at all times, in real-time. Automated reporting on trends and movement, and full transparency on audience measurement.

  • Actionable Location Insights

    Realtime heatmaps and insights to visualise where your customers live, work and move. Filter by audiences, places, time and more to view the complete user behaviour.



Track the customer movement following online engagement.

  • Audience Performance

    Verify audience performance with fulfillment metrics over time and compare it with online behaviour.

  • Location Verification

    Realtime accuracy verification of each location data point.



Connecting people, places and your media.

  • Visit Measurement

    Transparent & automated measurement of place visits based on dwell time.

  • Market areas

    Mapping where your customers live and work in relation to a Place.



Beemray is the most powerful location based targeting and measurement platform in the industry to offer insights and BI. Our direct integrations with DMPs, DSPs, Ad servers and Marketing platforms give you complete data portability, and enable you to make your audiences instantly actionable.



Connect your audience data to the leading platforms

  • DMP

    Empower your data management platform with location-driven audiences.  

  • Ad Server

    Send an audience to ad server for real-time targeting or re-engagement.

  • DSP

    Provide DSPs with your unique audiences for ad targeting.

  • Marketing Platform

    Engage with customers in realtime.

  • CRM

    Complete your user profiles with location insights based on user behaviour.



Robust APIs for scaled interoperability.

  • Server APIs

    Send server data to supplement data from Beemray’s SDKs and web tags.

  • Platform APIs

    Create and update entities in Beemray, and control and configure outputs.


Web and
Mobile Push Notifications

Harness the power of location based push to all of your customers.

  • Content marketing

    Personalise content & engagement for each customer.

  • Promotions

    Drive revenue through targeted offers.

  • Re-engage

    Improve retention by re-engaging customers.


GDPR and Privacy

We recently concluded an independent privacy assessment of Beemray. The assessment acknowledges that Beemray product, tech stack and methods are already compatible with the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).