Personalisation without personal data.

Human Context makes content relevant.

Media Owners

Collect, Segment, Measure and Activate Your Context Data.

Many of today's leading media companies already understand the value of realtime audience data to drive differentiation and remain competitive.

Beemray’s state of the art Human Context Platform enables you to engage in-moment in realtime.

Proven ROI from working with the world’s leading media owners.

Future-proof your business. Beemray is fully GDPR compliant.

Deliver contextual content experiences, in realtime.

Offer advertisers complete transparency with realtime heatmaps and analytics.

Increase the yield on your inventory with realtime location audience targeting capabilities.

Automate marketing engagement in moments that matter.

  • Automated Attributes

    AI-driven contextual and behavioural attributes.

  • Custom Moments

    The moment attributes can be freely combined to create unique audiences.

  • Insights

    Enable your team with real time change management

  • Predictive Modelling

    Predict behaviours and trends. 

  • Trend Monitoring

    Discover trends based on aggregated behaviour.

  • Conversion Optimisation

    Realtime A/B testing to optimise content performance.

  • Data Selling

    Monetise your unique audiences in any marketplace.

Work with A True Partner

Beemray does not sell media, so we are never competing with you. We are a data enabler. Our focus is in building advanced context awareness technology to help you to provide better content experiences and your sales persons to sell more.